I am a family and portrait photographer based in Southern California.  I studied Art and Art History at Westmont College with a concentration in watercolor, but have always found joy in taking snapshots.  Actually I also majored in English, but that didn’t do much for me but enrich my mind and all that.

I still take up the brush and the pen every year to work on my mom and my yearly Christmas book.  It’s something that gives me a lot of satisfaction to be a part of, to create art and be an artist still.  But it’s not something I can do much of right now.  Any art supplies in this house are quickly snapped up by one of three gorgeous, wonderful, hilarious, expressive children.  Abby will actually make art with them – though she’ll probably ruin the tips of brushes or pencils for any future use.  Jack will quickly use them to spiff up the couch or the wall and Finn will just plain eat them.

I always always took pictures growing up.  Even as a kid I just felt that if something, someone, or somewhere wasn’t documented, well, than it just didn’t exist… or happen.  I wasn’t all that concerned with taking GOOD pictures mind you, just lots of them, just enough to freeze a memory to keep and hold.  As I grew up, this desire to capture a memory just got stronger, but I never really connected it with my artistic endeavors.

I didn’t truly marry the two big passions until I started trying to capture Abby on film.  Wonderful and gorgeous as she is, pictures just didn’t seem to show what I saw.  Then I was pointed to the photography of another local gal – Shannon Stewart.  And here I just fell in love with how she got the beauty from the kid into the camera and through the post processing.  Studying her work, it finally clicked.  I was an artist and photography as art does not just belong to the modernists who take incredible (but not exactly relatable) pictures.

From there, everything became very focused and… very easy.  Taking pictures with my art eye suddenly became joyfully simple.

Until it doesn’t take quite so much sacrifice on the part of my family in the babysitting department, I still consider myself dabbling.

But as I dabble into other parts of photography beyond family, I have found even more to be excited about dabbling in.

Most recently, I have joined the Karden Team at kardenscorner.com.  My first book as their photographer is due out January 28, 2011.  We’ve just turned in the second book concentrating on cold weather activities and are working on the third.

Clients be forewarned, I *love* new faces and new families.  I will have to be very stingy with my time in order to keep available for my kids (and Steve of course) and my kicks (that would be photography mainly).  But golly gee, if you have a face or a family (or an editor) that really wants to pursue that artsy shot, I really want to work with you.

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