My Littlest Elf

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The holidays always put a magnifying glass up to how we’re managing.  And this year, I’m beginning to see the joy of moving on… my littlest baby is fairly manageable even WITH a double ear infection.  At least that’s what we all decided it was since he was suddenly the most difficult child on the planet.  Even so, it was nice, I could breathe, I could help clean, I could eat, it was the start…  I don’t want to rush out of my life, I love my little life.  But, I do so love the freedoms that come with age.  I hope I can say that when I really do see my kids all independent encompassed in their own lives and I no longer have total control over their happiness because I gave them an extra hug or piece of candy.   So yes, best to enjoy it, and I did.

Happy new year’s eve!

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Watered Down

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My mom ordered a virgin marguerita at dinner tonight.  A little while later we caught her watering it down.  That is so my mom.   SHE isn’t a watered down anything – no no, that’s not what I mean.  She’s just so very quirky.  And, as you may have noticed, I have caught that DNA completely and totally.

She writes these Christmas letters which are so hilarious.  It’s like throughout the day I rarely get to hear that voice that is just hers – the voice inside her head.  Well, I get to hear all sorts of what goes on inside her head, but usually her mind is occupied (and therefore exhorting) the ‘right now’ sorts of things. Lists and scheduling and what kid did what where when and in what.   I want to hear more of the Christmas letter voice.  More concentrated Mom.

I just told her that and she said that is what the Christmas letter is for.  SIGH.  MOM!

I realize that since she moved near us we don’t email anymore.  Unless it’s “Under no circumstances are you to let me leave your house without remembering to grab the milk!”  We shouldn’t need to email.  Of my mom’s four “free” days of the week (ha… ha… ha.  Try as I might there are multiple intrusions that make toast of the rule but we try), we still communicate constantly.  But, again, it’s all right now sort of things.

Anyway, point is; My mom is funny and I never ever want her to die.



Is that a weird place to leave off?  My mom lost her mom whilst pregnant with me.  The sadness and loss are sort of part of my birth story.  Since I was always a bit of a Momma’s girl, when she said  “No one loves you like your mom” I heard that very deep in my heart and now, being a mom, I know that to be even more true than then.

Of course, I also know no one loves you like your dad too.  So… you know, my general position is anti-death.  And more concentrated person time.

Which means making some sacrifices which means…well, I’ll figure that out.

Think, Think, Think, I hate Thinking

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ah Princess Bride, responsible for so many silly voices in my head.


Finish Strong or Head Start?

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Well most of those Christmas cards I shot have been sent out, I no longer feel that someone might happen upon my blog and have their joy ruined when they see a friend’s picture here before it is opened in the mail.  But I find I think I’d rather just start fresh in January than try to fit them all in a rush here.

Plus I’m probably a bit burned out and need a few days to refresh.


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I don’t know when I got this beat.  The Christmas rush is over in photography land.  I stopped early for the most part, giving December up for family and school functions.  Of course the rain made that a little less concrete than I intended. Still, it went well.  Everything is going really well. But I look at myself and I wonder what happened to make me look quite so walking dead-ish (and I find it funny that I need to clarify that is not a positive considering the popular culture right now).

M. Beach #2

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Foot of the bed

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I remember staring at Abby in her crib the first night home from the hospital. She was SO little. Last night there she was again. SO beautiful there on the floor hiding from some unknown dream. Not going to pick her up this time. She’s good just knowing we’re here.


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Is it just me that can be covered in paint and not notice for hours?

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