Jack Split

October 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

Jack is positively hyper about pre-school now.  Thanks to everyone at ANS and, of course, to most 2 year old’s first love: Miss Miwl-yee.

After all my worrying coming up to and during these last two months, he’s finding his place just fine in the real world.  His words are multiplying like crazy and that sweet wonderful energetic dramatic voice!  “I made a pumkin today, AGAIN” and suddenly after a few weeks of pre-school he says “no, thang yoo” and “thang yoo!” in all the right places.  He does suddenly run in the parking lot, which I’m not loving, but he just can’t seem to contain his thrill.  He’s off his “bootcha” (pacifier).  He even found an old one I hadn’t caught and he took a hit of it, then put it back down and hasn’t wanted it since.  You have to realize, I’ve been worried about taking AWAY the pacifier since it was first clear (at several weeks old) that he was a pacifier sort of guy.  And I’ve been worrying about the transition into pre-school (read me right here – the transition only – I knew once we got him in he would LOVE the environment) as soon as I realized this charming prince of a fellow actually was NOT fond of being thrown in with new people.

So I’m finding, as usual, a little euphoria and a little empty feeling that there’s nothing left to worry about.

Well… potty training… that’s not going to be a walk in the park.

Yes, yes, I know all you non-worriers out there are clucking your tongues and shaking your heads that this is clear evidence that I let too many worries in my heart.  But you know… it’s the way I love.  I’ll get better… once all the kids are… okay, I probably won’t get better, let’s just not talk about it.


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