October 20, 2010 § 2 Comments

What I like about having many shoots in a row is that I don’t actually labor too intensively over any individual shoot.  I can’t, I don’t have time and as with most things, if you are working too hard on it you’re probably messing it up.  But after I’m done with a weekend’s worth of shoots and I go back to pick my favorites to post, I get to love them differently.  Favorites I had while processing start to look too obvious to be my favorites, and details that I hoped I’d gotten turn up (thank you God for being in the small things as well as the large).

I loved so many pictures from the Gray’s beach portion of their shoot.  I thought for sure my favorite would be one of the sweeping blue sky shots – but actually it ended up being this.  And I thought – gosh wouldn’t it have been great if I’d thought to make sure that a drop from Jen’s toe sent ripples into that puddle?  And I looked closer and… well what do you know… I’m brilliant… and blessed ;).

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