Big green monster

September 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

When I told Jack’s pre-school teacher about his continued fitful sleep and sudden nap problems she thought that anxiety was bothering him and maybe not directly related to the start of school. On a hunch that nightmares had already started with my not yet three year old, she got out the book “go away big green monster” to read to the kids. Jack, who had been eagerly listening with the other kids for the other books she’d been reading suddenly got up and hid behind a table.

It was so unlike Jack. And seems anyway to have added some serious weight on the side of Milly’s theory.

She also had a puppet that the kids can tear off monster parts as they get empowered to tell the monster to GO AWAY.

I got the book and puppet and Jack has been faithfully going over and over and over the book/puppet process. And slept thru the night… So…. We’ll see.

Good to be at a place where people solve all my problems within minutes of hearing them.

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