September 10, 2010 § 1 Comment

I needed something else. A different take. My take. Ha. Get it? Get it? That could have been a reality show line.


At the beginning of my rather late blogging entrance, I was one person with one blog and everything about me was in that one blog. Then I wanted to isolate – or really SEE my journey with photography.

I say journey because I really did attack it like a quest. I saw Shannon Stewart’s work and just fell in love with the idea that family photography could actually be art.

I was an Art Major in college (I doubled in English which just means I read a lot – not that I know crap about grammar) and the photography we studied was WAY out there. Philosophical more than beautiful or if it was beautiful it was most often NOT the sort of beauty I see everyday.

SO even though I have been a pain in the butt photographer of friends and events and family… (MEMORIES, MEMORIES, I MUST PRESERVE THE MEMORIES!!!), I had never considered it anything but a personal tool to capture, hold, KEEP what I wanted to have a record of.

Yes, there is an album out there somewhere with at least thirty pictures of Jennifer Wilkes Purses sticking her tongue out at me ranging from age 14-30.

But photography as art? That was too far upscale for me. I’m a painter – a water colorist to be specific. I draw well, I paint fine. I’m an awful sculptor. But with water color, for whatever reason – it was easy. And I painted pretty things in what I felt was a passionate way. At the very least, I painted them in a “me” way.

Also, photography as art… it’s a fairly out there medium. By out there – it takes dealing with people, directing, asking, insisting, pushing people out of my comfort zone; out of their comfort zone. That was not what I thought about when I wanted to express myself artistically.

Up until 2006, for me to dabble in my art meant sitting on the floor of an empty room watching a movie on repeat or an album on repeat. IF I had to use a model, I sketched them quickly and worked from there.

So, long story long – I just sort of woke up to this new world for me – to take my pictures – my TREASURED memories – and make them with the same style I made a piece of art.

But, there was a lot to learn. And that’s what BrightWaters‘ original blog was about.

It made sense that the two blogs were separate – plus, my BrightWaters partner – Sarah Scheidler, was going to be a contributor and she couldn’t very well show up suddenly on my personal blog.

But I find it’s a chore now to update – not the least because it is under an antiquated google account for me and I have to log out of EVERYTHING to post it and half the time I have to resize my pictures so they’ll be uploaded and blah blah blah.

So I’m starting fresh. As one again. One blog. One person. In our parallel little BrightWaters Photography universe, Sarah will also have a blog that will be inspiring and wonderful and straight from her heart.

So… here we go.

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