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Float week

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May as well start with my favorite

Baby Bill Weasley

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or William Finley


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Another Day…

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Kylee here was all smiles and charm for our make-up shoot. Granted, she was pretty charming during the rainy shoot too, but more in a sweet pout sort of way.

I so often think of this inconsistency of my kids around other people and how on any given day any given stranger could know the best or worst of my child. I don’t think I mind or care, I just find it fascinating.

Clouds and Wind

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but aren’t they gorgeous?


Flower napkin water

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Baby Face

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My Littlest Elf

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The holidays always put a magnifying glass up to how we’re managing.  And this year, I’m beginning to see the joy of moving on… my littlest baby is fairly manageable even WITH a double ear infection.  At least that’s what we all decided it was since he was suddenly the most difficult child on the planet.  Even so, it was nice, I could breathe, I could help clean, I could eat, it was the start…  I don’t want to rush out of my life, I love my little life.  But, I do so love the freedoms that come with age.  I hope I can say that when I really do see my kids all independent encompassed in their own lives and I no longer have total control over their happiness because I gave them an extra hug or piece of candy.   So yes, best to enjoy it, and I did.

Happy new year’s eve!

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